Nicolas Sarter

Professional artist based in south of France, I make orignal and personalized artworks on various themes for professionals and individuals.
I work on different media: scientific illustration, book covers and traditional painting.


I produce scientific and public illustrations for different communication media. I work on the representation of landscapes, processes, deployment of material or experience. In particular, I have a great affinity for disciplines such as geophysics, geology, planetology and life sciences such as exobiology …
My approach combines realism and pedagogy.

Cover, poster and more

I make custom illustrations on various themes and media such as covers, posters, articles, web, advertising …
My work aims to reinforce a key message by creating sober and minimalized renderings. I use a rich color palette that balances in a dynamic and harmonious composition.
My approach is part of targeted discussions with my clients in order to precisely identify their wishes and refine the request.