Cover, poster and more

Je réalise des illustrations sur commande sur des thèmes et des supports variés tels que les couvertures, affiches, articles, visuels web, publicité…
Mon travail vise à renforcer un message clé en créant des rendus sobres et minimalises. J’utilise une palette de couleur riche qui s’équilibre dans une composition dynamique et harmonieuse.
Ma démarche s’inscrit dans des échanges ciblés avec mes clients afin d’identifier précisément leur souhait et d’affiner la demande.

I make custom illustrations on various themes and media such as covers, posters, articles, web, advertising …
My work aims to reinforce a key message by creating sober and minimalized renderings. I use a rich color palette that balances in a dynamic and harmonious composition.
My approach is part of targeted discussions with my clients in order to precisely identify their wishes and refine the request.

« Nicolas Sarter has stars in his eyes. He has the mind of an ancient in the body of an eternal youth. He is from the future, and has watched sunrises on alien worlds. His vision is one of deep mystery – of unfathomable artefacts, inhuman planetscapes, forms daunting in their scale  – coupled with bright optimism, of the confidence of the young boldly striding star systems as yet undiscovered, secure in the knowledge that the place of humankind, in all our breathtaking diversity, is out there, in the galactic spirals, embracing that mystery as we go beyond.»

Sarah Newton, fiction and role playing game writer