Professional artist based in south of France, I make orignal and personalized artworks on various themes for professionals and individuals.
I work on different media: scientific illustration, book covers and traditional painting.

After 15 years in the creation and production of custom glassware for the hotel and restaurant industry as well as silk-screened decors and logos for porcelain, I moved to new artistic horizons in 2012 when I moved to Australia. Traditional oil, acrylic and digital painting are my new tools for making pictorial or illustrative works.
Installed since 2015 in the Nice region, I now work all the techniques.

I thrive in my business, especially by interacting regularly with my clients. It is always a great pleasure to respond to their request by producing illustrations as close as possible to their needs respecting their own universe. Whatever the theme, I like to express myself by exploring new perspectives and novelty.

Nicolas Sarter has stars in his eyes. He has the mind of an ancient in the body of an eternal youth. He is from the future, and has watched sunrises on alien worlds. His vision is one of deep mystery – of unfathomable artefacts, inhuman planetscapes, forms daunting in their scale – coupled with bright optimism, of the confidence of the young boldly striding star systems as yet undiscovered, secure in the knowledge that the place of humankind, in all our breathtaking diversity, is out there, in the galactic spirals, embracing that mystery as we go beyond. Working with traditional materials, Nico’s work has deep roots, evoking the golden and silver ages of science fiction, the art of Chris Foss, the provocative abstractions of Möbius, the lush colourings of Bruce Pennington.
He is an artist at home in the universe, handling his subject matter with passion, communicating our boundless awe before the adventure that awaits.

Sarah Newton, fiction and roleplaying game writer

Nicolas Sarter, voyageur dans l’espace ou dans le temps ? Impressionné par le début ou la fin du monde
Nicolas vit dans un monde cyclique, un monde qui vient de mourir et va renaître, à moins que cela soit le contraire
Peinture émouvante qui nous rappelle que l’on ne fait que passer, qui nous rappelle aussi que depuis toujours, l’Homme est fasciné par les astres errants. On se prend à rêver, à s’imaginer tout seul sur ce petit caillou, perdu dans l’espace, ou à errer dans les ruines d’une cité antique sur une planète que l’on ne connait pas. On envie ce petit être, perché sur un vestige de tête ou celui qui sort de sa navette archaïque et observe, fasciné, un paysage subjuguant qui vient d’on ne sait où. Peinture enchanteresse…

Frédérique Remy, glaciologue