« Nicolas Sarter has stars in his eyes. He has the mind of an ancient in the body of an eternal youth. He is from the future, and has watched sunrises on alien worlds. His vision is one of deep mystery – of unfathomable artefacts, inhuman planetscapes, forms daunting in their scale coupled with bright optimism, of the confidence of the young boldly striding star systems as yet undiscovered, secure in the knowledge that the place of humankind, in all our breathtaking diversity, is out there, in the galactic spirals, embracing that mystery as we go beyond. Working with traditional materials, Nico’s work has deep roots, evoking the golden and silver ages of sciencefiction, the art of Chris Foss, the provocative abstractions of Möbius, the lush colourings of Bruce Pennington. He is an artist at home in the universe, handling his subject matter with passion, communicating our boundless awe before the adventure that awaits. »

Sarah Newton, fiction and role playing game writer